Khaldoon Daoud (1960-curent); Jordanian painter, photographer, designer and film maker. Khaldoon's art is a mirror to Khaldoon's life. Khaldoon was born as rebellious on norms and traditions that constrain his freedom or restrict his movement. He rejected framing his life within certain boundaries and has embarked on a journey to rediscover himself again and again. In his journey, Khaldoon has shifted places, masks, and convictions. In the early days, Khaldoon had a passion for building things and put them together. He then rediscovered the passion of restoration of old things and old buildings to bring soul and life into them. Khaldoon continued his discovery journey into the color world. Khaldoon brought in art and artists from the south and the north, from the west and the east to enjoy art and spread art. Initially he did not realize it, but he has kicked off a dialogue among groups and individuals, and even an internal dialogue about life, its colors, its art and how people receive it and enjoy it. Khaldoon art is about his discovery journey, and simple way to reflect the human quest for inner peace, creating dialogue platforms, and bringing people closer together. Khaldoon has been an advocate of these human concepts not only to people around him or other he can reach to, but also developed partnerships and platforms with many organizations in Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and other European countries for people to enjoy art and rediscover themselves. Khaldoon’s art work is certainly a reflection of Khaldoon’s life…. Simple and inspiring.

For the past 20 years he gave expression to his talent whimsically, impulsively, doing art for art’s sake, without much care about exposure or outside opinion. Not that he doesn’t appreciate it, for he, an artist himself, art curator and restorer, places great value on art and understands its importance. Only he is a non-conformist, a Narcissus of sorts who believes one either appreciates him for whatever he is worth, without the need for him to exert much effort, or doesn’t, in which case he doesn’t seem to be bothered, almost appearing callous. But that is just for those who don’t know him, for once you figure him out, you realise he is a perfect listener, an astute judge of character and situation, and a sensitive soul that prefers to hide under a hard exterior. Khaldoon is inspired by his country and people; by the material and spiritual history of these hallowed places whose layer after layer he lays bare, just like he did with the old houses he restored in Fuhais, and very much unlike the way he hides his inner core. Myth, religion, architecture, landscape and, above all, faces that speak of their own history, stir his artistic impulses, drive him to cycles of creation.

Khaldoon also values nature, architecture, landscape and religion of his homeland in his art.

Rowaq Al-Balaqa Foundation for Arts Khaldoon established Rowaq ALBalqa Foundation, believing art breaks boarders between nations. It’s considered as a cultural forum where the Arab and International artists networks to exchange knowledge, culture and vision. It is an artist platform with a common art for exhibitions, dialogue, exchange and interaction with the local community and the international communities. The foundation also is specialized in producing art books in addition to film-making related to art and the environment Rowaq has been actively become a professional foundation in conducting art workshop and art symposiums in the Middle East and Europe. Rowaq offers interior design consultancy for hotels and local companies. His work art can be found in the most well known hotels and companies.


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